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Towards Greatness with Profit Technology Plus

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For the rest of the nation, the transition to Bharat Stage VI emission norms may seem like entering a whole new realm of operations, by taking unprecedented steps and employing major overhauls to their products.

However, for us at BharatBenz, it was just about taking advantage of Daimler’s global heritage and superlative experience in Bharat Stage VI equivalent technology since 2010 and presence in more than 40 countries. Today, we have more than 14 lakh trucks and buses plying on the road, globally.

BharatBenz trucks draw the pedigree from this proven platform, and our products are specially designed and built for India, bringing to the fore the highest levels of technological advancement, efficiency and reliability, while at the same time playing a relevant part in building a healthier environment. We call this, Profit Technology Plus.

Profit Technology Plus: Pillars on which our trucks are built

profit technololy plus

Profit Technology Plus is a colosseum built on five founding pillars that matter the most for our customers - Best in class fuel efficiency, superior safety & comfort, unmatched reliability, lowest maintenance costs and connected trucks & buses. The bedrock on which these pillars stand is Bharat Stage VI emission standards and brand commitment offered by BharatBenz.

To meet Bharat Stage VI emission standards, we use a globally proven 'SCR only' technology in the after treatment system. This is similar to our successful Bharat Stage IV products, with minimal changes on the engine.

fuel Efficiency

Our engine does most of the hard work, offering clean and lean burning. Over and above that, we have incorporated many industry-first features to further enhance the vehicle’s fuel mileage. In some of the on-highway applications such as e-commerce, cement, our vehicles offer up to 10% better fuel economy over their BSIV predecessors.


We have never compromised on safety and comfort and to take full care of our driver partners, we have further improved on these aspects in our BSVI range. Our trucks offer safety features such as driver attention monitoring system, seat belt reminder and comfort features such as air suspended seats, soft cruise, Industry best Heating and Air conditioning system, music system, power windows, central locking.


Our Bharat Stage VI vehicles have been tested for over 50 lakh kilometers across India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari. Our Indian-adapted design along with our global expertise in Euro VI systems make us the ultimate choice if reliability is on top of your buying criteria.


On top, to offer our commitment of having the lowest ownership cost, we have increased our service intervals from 50,000kms to 60,000 kms on our HDT on haulage and tractor range. This 20% increase in service intervals also comes with an added advantage of 6% reduction in maintenance cost.


Keeping track of all your vehicles is a challenging task as a fleet owner. We offer Connectivity solutions, which manages your fleet by offering insights on driving and trips stats, vehicle health and much more. Our TrucKonnect brings all these information to you at the click of a button, thereby helping you make smarter business decisions.

Up to


higher fuel efficiency

Up to


low maintenance cost

Up to


longer service intervals

Up to


years real warranty

Up to


years AMC

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BS6 Ki Kahani


By now, everyone is familiar with the term ‘Bharat Stage VI’, emission standard instituted by GoI. However, we all may not know how it benefits the environment and us, the changes it demands in the vehicle and the compliances that comes attached with it. So here, we are to answer all your questions. We have a series of videos on the encounters of Manna Singh to help you understand BS-VI. All your questions answered in a simple way with a touch of humor. Watch our BS6 Ki Kahani BharatBenz Ki Zubani series to familiarize with BS-VI and have a good laugh.

Watch our BS6 Ki Kahani BharatBenz Ki Zubani series to familiarize with BS-VI and have a good laugh.


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