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914 Chassis

Safety Factors

Braking System

Braking System

Best-in-class Anti-lock braking system with wider brake liners and exhaust brake as standard fitment, coupled together with antiroll bar in front & rear ensures the utmost safety in the BharatBenz Chassis



Meticulously designed Parabolic suspension system with integrated fine tuned shock absorber and anti-roll bar is ensures the best in class riding comfort


Longer Service Intervals
Longer Service Intervals

Best in class reliability with optimized service intervals for engine, transmission, axle.

Specifications bus specification

914 Chassis
Engine: 4D34i
General characteristics: 4 Cylinder, Vertical In-line BSVI, inter-cooled, turbo-charged
Engine Capacity: 3907cc
Engine Max output: 147HP (110kW) @ 2500rpm
Engine Max torque: 460Nm @ 1500rpm
Gearbox Model: MO36, Synchromesh
No. of Gears: 6 forward with overdrive+1 reverse
Clutch Type: Organic, Single dry plate, ø330mm
Brake Type: Dual Circuit, full air, S-Cam type drum
Auxiliary Brake: Exhaust Brake
Electronic Brake: Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Front Axle: Heavy-duty reverse elliot 'I' beam
Rear Axle: Fully floating type
Suspension Type: Parabolic Suspension at Front and Rear
Anti roll bars: Double acting telescopic shock absorber and anti-roll bars at Front and Rear
Steering Type: Power Steering, adjustable and tiltable
Tyre Type: 235/75 R 17.5 tubeless tyres
Battery: 2x12V, 75Ah
Fuel Tank/Filling Capacity: 160L
Adblue Tank/Filling Capacity: 43L/36L
Seat Layout/capacity: Suitable for 2x1/2x2/3x2 layout
Wheelbase (mm): 4250
Overall length (mm) 7383
Overall height (mm) 2151
Min. ground clearance (mm) 192

BharatBenz buses are profit enablers!!!

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