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How BharatBenz Exchange Put A Smile On A Fleet Owner’s Face

BharatBenz | 16th September 2021
How BharatBenz Exchange Put A Smile On A Fleet Owner’s Face

Meet Praveen Bajirao. He’s a successful stone crushing business owner from Moyee, Maharashtra.
To run his operations, he used five vehicles: three 2523R BharatBenz trucks and two 1613 trucks. Over time, he began to wonder if he needed to get newer, better vehicles for his business to be more productive.
One fine day, he heard of the advantages of BharatBenz Exchange from a new truck business executive of KGP Auto, which provides consultancy services to automotive and related industries worldwide. The executive also alerted the BharatBenz exchange team about Bajirao’s needs.
To his delight, Bajirao found that he received a better resale value for his used trucks on the BharatBenz Exchange platform when compared to other platforms. This should not come as a big surprise. After all, BharatBenz prides itself on understanding the needs of customers like Bajirao.
It was set up in 2017 to make the trading used vehicles less challenging and the outcomes more profitable. Ask those who’ve used its services and they’ll tell you that the process is both transparent and more reliable.
The difference is that BharatBenz focuses on the entire life cycle of a truck and creates a structured ecosystem for a sustainable used vehicles business. Not only is there a pan-India buyer database, but the turnaround time is also low, with a dedicated team and hassle-free end-to-end documentation.
For those who want to buy from BharatBenz, the difference is clear. There’s a large pool of vehicles to choose from, which are certified. You can also get extended warranties and AMCs, for even more peace of mind.
It doesn’t end there. Should it be needed, BharatBenz also has exclusive tie-ups with authorized scrap vendors as well as online and physical used truck liquidation platforms.
As for Bajirao, he went ahead and exchanged two used 1613 trucks for two new 1923C BharatBenz trucks.

In fact, he calculates that he saved INR 30-35K on each used truck in the process. And Daimler Financial Services India was willing to help him with the rest of the funds that he needed. No wonder that DFSI has been rated as among the best financiers by car and truck owners.
Many of its customers, including small and large fleet owners, keep returning to it because of a comprehensive insurance protection scheme with zero debt coverage, along with plenty of other downstream benefits.
What’s more, Bajirao didn’t have to pay any commission during the truck exchange. It was a satisfactory journey from first to last, with smooth payment and delivery. All in all, the experience came with complete peace of mind.
It’s clear that for Bajirao and other used truck sellers, the BharatBenz Exchange Platform provides better resale value combined with less time taken.
Today, Bajirao says he is happy with his decision, as he gets the advantages of better mileage coupled with less maintenance on his new BharatBenz trucks. As a result, the productivity of his business has soared.
At Bharat Benz, this is just another example of how we make a difference in the lives of those who depend on us.

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