"For my route from Methapur to Rajkot, BharatBenz saves me 500 per trip. 30 trips a month saves me 15,000 per vehicle. For ten months of operation in a year, each vehicle saves me 1,50,000. If I replace all my 42 vehicles, I will save over 60,00,000 annually. So in a financial year if I intend to purchase 10 trucks I will save money to buy 2 more trucks, so I can then look at purchasing 12 instead of 10. In this way they take care of my numbers and in return I take care of their numbers, that’s why from now on I will only invest in BharatBenz trucks.”

We came into the Indian market with one goal, to transform Indian trucking and redefine expectations of the Indian businessman. Today, after a year of successful operations, we have set the benchmark with not just our reliable and highly fuel efficient trucks but also with the services we provide. Be it our all inclusive EMIs, 5 year long maintenance and extended warranty contracts - an industry first or our world-class dealership infrastructure. We had promised a trucking experience that will change the dynamics of Indian businesses. A promise we have fulfilled for customers across India and a commitment that has only gotten stronger with the overwhelming response we received, this last year.

“The killer USP that BharatBenz came to us with was the package of things they gave us under one finance scheme. They gave us the finance through their own in-house company, they gave us the truck, the maintenance, extended warranty and they gave us insurance with it. So it is a one-stop-solution for me. Just one set of paperwork and everything is pretty much looked after for 4 years.”

“I do 7000-8000 kilometre trips every month. Because BharatBenz has service intervals only at 50,000 kilometres, my truck has to go for servicing only after 8 months and for gearbox oil change only after completing 1,00,000 kilometres. BharatBenz has ruled out all the problems of trucks for us. With BharatBenz we are confident, drivers are confident and even our buyers are confident that our deliveries will reach on time. Our future purchase will only be BharatBenz.”

Where other trucks carry only 14 cu m, a BharatBenz truck can carry 16 cu m of load for the same amount of diesel consumption. This has increased my profitability by almost 20%. Seeing its performance and driver comfort, even my drivers have told me that henceforth I should only buy BharatBenz trucks. No one else has a mobile service workshop like BharatBenz. It is the first company to offer this. They are not just interested in sales but pay a lot of attention to aftersales service as well. The service I get from BharatBenz is excellent.

BharatBenz trucks ride on high gear; cross 10,000 units sale on March 31, 2014.
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