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BharatBenz Financial - financing that works for you!

BharatBenz Financial is a partner who will be with you throughout your lifetime of your vehicle and beyond. Our unparalleled experience in the trucking industry, combined with our position as an exclusive commercial finance provider makes BharatBenz financial the smart choice for anyone looking to run their business more efficiently and profitably!

We established BharatBenz Financial to serve as one of the specialized brands, serving both dealers and customers of the Daimler Group. As the only dedicated financier for BharatBenz vehicles, BharatBenz Financial specializes in providing a range of tailored finance and insurance options for all BharatBenz customers. Along with our industry knowledge, this means we are able to offer some of the most flexible and competitive solutions around.

BharatBenz Insurance – Adding assurance to insurance!

BharatBenz Insurance is India’s 1st branded commercial vehicle insurance programme and it has been at the forefront of developing unique offerings that come with the highest standard of quality to every BharatBenz vehicle owner.

Our insurance covers not only give your BharatBenz vehicle the protection it deserves, but also let you enjoy customized and comprehensive benefits. Covers such as ‘depreciation shield’ and ‘additional towing’ in addition to the comprehensive motor insurance cover as our standard product. We strive to deliver superior services and have added specific value additions to further our mission. This includes:

  • Guaranteed servicing of vehicles at all BharatBenz dealerships and ‘Cashless’ claim settlement
  • Assured quality of repair
  • Transparency in claims servicing
  • 24X7 access to BharatBenz Financial Call Centre
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