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Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple but ambitious: Working closely with our automotive colleagues, we want to be the first-choice provider of financial and mobility services. We want to attain this goal by contributing to Daimler’s sales and financial success; creating added value for our customers, dealers and vehicle brands; offering our employees attractive possibilities for professional development; and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Our core values are integrity, openness and respect; financial and social responsibility; customer focus; inspired, empowered and diverse people; commitment to excellence.

Why BharatBenz Financial?

BharatBenz understands your business better. As the captive commercial finance provider for BharatBenz, our priority is financing commercial vehicles, including BharatBenz trucks, BharatBenz & Mercedes-Benz buses. We are specialized in creating financing and lease solutions tailored to our customers' business.

Our unequalled experience in the trucking industry, combined with our position as an exclusive commercial finance provider, make BharatBenz financial the smart choice for anyone looking to run their business more efficiently and profitably.

BharatBenz Financial is a partner who will be with you throughout your lifetime of your vehicle and beyond.

BharatBenz Financial - financing that works for you!

Daimler Financial Services entered the Indian market on July 1, 2011 as a captive finance company, supporting the finance and insurance of Daimler vehicles. Our innovative and customer friendly finance solutions, under the brand BharatBenz Financial brings convenience and flexibility to your BharatBenz vehicle experience.

BharatBenz Financial is one of the specialized brands, serving both dealers and customers of the Daimler Group. BharatBenz Financial is the registered trademark of Daimler Financial Services India. It’s a financing experience engineered to be the finest.

By providing innovative solutions and outstanding service, we offer unparalleled value and affordable ownership to our customers. Our Commitment to the Indian market is reinforced by a large team of local experts who ensures a high quality of personalized service, always.

As the only dedicated financier for BharatBenz vehicles, BharatBenz Financial specialises in providing a range of tailored finance and insurance options for all BharatBenz customers. Along with our industry knowledge, this means we are able to offer some of the most flexible and competitive solutions around.

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Innovation, growth, flexibility and strength
BharatBenz Financial specializes in providing innovative finance solutions for BharatBenz vehicles, offering some of the most flexible and competitive solutions available. BharatBenz Financial is one of the specialized brands, serving both dealers and customers of the Daimler Group.